Monday, December 14, 2009

STAR WARS in Concert Program

Even better suited for this site: THE STAR WARS IN CONCERT PROGRAM
I bought it when I attended the concert itself - of course as a souvenir and they charged 30 (thirty bucks!) US$! Come on - the program is nice, but this price is
ridiculous! Nevertheless it sold like hot-cakes! My advice: Buy it online! It´s just 19.90 US$ AND you don´t have to carry it around with you the whole time. Chances are it will never become ´rare´ but certainly it is already one of the more expensive magazine style collectibles (hey, I buy Japanese magazines from the 80ties for this kind of money ;-) )
To the program itself: It´s Huuuge! Very nice heavy photographic paper - all color! Pictures of all movies, the exhibition as well and of course from George and John. Nice collage work here. Empossed printing on the cover - sweet!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

STAR WARS in Concert

The STAR WARS music was and always will be my first and most memorable experience of classic music. Not only opened it my (young) mind back in 1977, it also stayed with me, due to the artistry of John Williams and all those other classic soundtrack composers (Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestry - you name it!). So the STAR WARS concert idea was a no brainer, though it took more than 30 years to come up with ;-) Well, basically it´s more a multi media live show, but the concept with Anthony Daniels hosting it, the great performance of the orchestra conducted by Dirk Brosse and the visuals as a welcomed eye candy, well it worked very well! I visited the concert in Atlanta, Ga November 3rd and thanks to my pal Carsten (who invited me ;-) ) - we had a great STAR WARS evening. The exhibition, which accompanied the show in the foyer wasn´t that special (well, at least if you were at one of those ´other´ real STAR WARS exhibitions at the Smithsonian for example), but added a nice touch. Way more small children attended the show, so it really was a family event for the youglings and their parents. I doubt the kids really enjoyed the concert (especially considering the length of 2 hours) - but that is something every parents should think about BEFORE I buy the tickets ;-)
We had a great time - too bad John Williams itself wouldn´t conduct his own masterpieces. Would I recommend it - absolutely! Go see it!

UPDATE: Found a spot on review about a European SW in concert show on the web. Matt really nails it - excellent read!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DroidMAKER - the lost SW book treasure

Well, I simply have to repost this awesome story! I just found out (via the and other sources) that there is an awesome book about George Lucas, his life and legacy and NOBODY knows about it! droidMAKER by Michael Rubin.
Well, almost... Until June 2009! The author just decided it´s more important for him that people actually really read and enjoy his work rather than making the profit of selling it through booksellers (B&N, Amazon etc. ). That´s when he made his complete book available for download via his blog.
Heck yeah - how can I decide to buy a book if I don´t even know that it exists? Why is that so? Just check out the FAQs on Michaels page and you´ll find out! Nobody really to blame here - mmmmh , but then again...

Anway, I just browsed through the downloaded pages and had a pretty good time - it´s really a very interesting book with a lot of insights/behind the scenes/personal stuff, not only for STAR WARS fans. CHECK IT OUT! Even better - check it out and I you somewhat like me - go and buy a REAL PRINTED copy! Thanks Michael for a very special inside look - awesome!

Monday, June 01, 2009

New German SW magazin

PANINI released a new SW magazine aimed at the younger reader. Basically it´s a German version of the Dark Horse Clone Wars Comics (Fillbach Brothers) but with a lot of own added content, like posters, quiz games and merchandising news. As an added bonus it comes with an inflatable lasersword(!) - well, I guess you don´t have one of those ;-)

NOP: 42

Saturday, May 02, 2009

FCBD 2009

Another year - another great Free Comic Book Day! And this year - finally - again with an awesome STAR WARS issue - I love those specials ;-) I don´t know about your experiences, but this year was EXTREMELY busy (well, at least in the LA area) and after 1 pm there wasn´t hardly any SW comic available any more. So, be prepared for next year: FCBD is becoming more and more mainstream from year to year! And that´s what it is about, right? Congrats!
This image shows the 2nd (flip) cover of the SW issue - nice!

Visit FCBD for more news - it´s worth it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

STARLOG ceased Print Publication

Oh, NO! After all these years, STARLOG ceased the beloved SCI-FI magazine - well, at least the ´printed´version. I have to admit I also ´just´buyed the STAR WARS (and Indy) issues, but nevertheless that´s already something. Boys, you did a marvelous job - THANK YOU so much for reporting on everything SCI-FI for over 30ty (!) years. I gonna miss the mag for sure. Another great print publication bites the dust. As much as I love the internet, I hate it when it kills ´real´magazines! STARLOG RIP

NOP - endless

Monday, January 26, 2009

FCBD STAR WARS issue returns!

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is coming back and after 2 years of NO special STAR WARS piece (after all these great issues) DARK HORSE is finally back with a new (maybe exclusively, but that´s not a given) comic. As you all hopefully know, FCBD ist a great way to make some noise about comics (in the US and more and more in Europe as well) - check out the FCBD website and be patient: The comic will be published May 2nd!
(source: FCBD website)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First STAR WARS Cover of 2009 ?

Just found this magazine on ebay UK -nice!!!! I´m not sure if this mag has been published at the end of 08 or really is the first of 2009 BUT with STAR WARS covers like this, it´s a pretty good start anyway ;-)

United Kingdom
Cover story
NOB: ???

Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ooops, here goes 2008 - welcome 2009! I´m not sure what to expect from 2009 STAR WARS magazine wise, but I´m sure we´ll see at least ´some´stuff ;-)
After all, even 2008 wasn´t too bad, though I´d really hoped for more coverage of THE CLONE WARS TV series (which is a pleasant surprise by the way) - let´s face it: WARNER BROS is doing a lousy job on the marketing front! Despite some good and friendly reviews the CLONE WARS isn´t really a hit series and is hardly expanding the viewer base. However considering the production budget which isn´t too high (the series is completely produced in Asia) the revenue out of comics, DVD sales and all other stuff will very likely give the series a longer run...good thing!