Monday, August 28, 2006

Rolling Stone - No. 1000

Recently Rolling Stone (the US Edition) celebrated it´s 1000 issue! Congratulations from SWM! So what has Rock´n Roll and STAR WARS in common? A lot! - and especially RS covering the STAR WARS saga. These guys had a STAR WARS cover for each and every movie released - starting in 1977 - makes a total of 6 covers so far. And now at their very special anniversary? They did it again. Okay not a SW cover - might be too far off the topic, but at least they celebration cover features our most favourite villian: DARTH VADER. You see - Rolling Stone means pop & rock culture!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WALL STREET JOURNAL: A New Way to use the Force

The Wall Street Journal had a very interesting article about the not so distant future of the STAR WARS universe published yesterday (August 22nd) - you can read it online by visiting or and use their news link (I´m not quiet sure, if WSJ likes direct links to their work). Stephanie Kang gives us a very informative inside look, how the marketing guys from the Skywalker Ranch are going new ways without a movie - sounds pretty cool to me!
Don´t forget that this is NOT the first time Lucasfilm is doing this stuff. Remembering STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE? Same thing only that console gaming and the needed market acceptance wasn´t ready (we´re talking 1996 here). Anway if the game is good enough I´m in for another merchandising round! You can be very sure that Lucas Licensing has done their homework this time!

P.S.: Anyone out there, who is able to send me a copy of this particular WSJ?

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hardcore GAMER covering LEGO SW

I picked up this mag back in July. However the cover is so neat, it has to be presented here. Cool artwork for the new STAR WARS LEGO game - nice article as well - recommended!

Hardcore Gamer Issue 13

Friday, August 18, 2006


I recently visited the STAR WARS exposition in Paris and I had a pretty good time! They had a lot of original probs on display and covered all six movies. It´s nothings you might haven´t seen at other STAR WARS expos (if you ever attented one) but the set up and the way everything was on display was very nice. So IF you are in Europe, make sure to stop by (show runs until August 27th) - so better hurry. By the way, when you are in Paris, they have a small tower right in the middle of the city, worth visiting as well ;-)

DVD Review August

The UK ist starting the coverage about the new DVD early this time - I have nothing against it!
Very nice article, nice pictures, some rare!

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EMPIRE September 2006

You can always count on EMPIRE. They have a nice ´retro´article on the ORIGINAL TRILOGY - fun to read.

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Just picked up this French Special - cool cover and nice article.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Clone Wars no. 6

According to DARK HORSE the Clone Wars comics are extremly succesful, due to their appeal to every age. Well, I like them too!


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