Monday, December 14, 2009

STAR WARS in Concert Program

Even better suited for this site: THE STAR WARS IN CONCERT PROGRAM
I bought it when I attended the concert itself - of course as a souvenir and they charged 30 (thirty bucks!) US$! Come on - the program is nice, but this price is
ridiculous! Nevertheless it sold like hot-cakes! My advice: Buy it online! It´s just 19.90 US$ AND you don´t have to carry it around with you the whole time. Chances are it will never become ´rare´ but certainly it is already one of the more expensive magazine style collectibles (hey, I buy Japanese magazines from the 80ties for this kind of money ;-) )
To the program itself: It´s Huuuge! Very nice heavy photographic paper - all color! Pictures of all movies, the exhibition as well and of course from George and John. Nice collage work here. Empossed printing on the cover - sweet!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

STAR WARS in Concert

The STAR WARS music was and always will be my first and most memorable experience of classic music. Not only opened it my (young) mind back in 1977, it also stayed with me, due to the artistry of John Williams and all those other classic soundtrack composers (Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestry - you name it!). So the STAR WARS concert idea was a no brainer, though it took more than 30 years to come up with ;-) Well, basically it´s more a multi media live show, but the concept with Anthony Daniels hosting it, the great performance of the orchestra conducted by Dirk Brosse and the visuals as a welcomed eye candy, well it worked very well! I visited the concert in Atlanta, Ga November 3rd and thanks to my pal Carsten (who invited me ;-) ) - we had a great STAR WARS evening. The exhibition, which accompanied the show in the foyer wasn´t that special (well, at least if you were at one of those ´other´ real STAR WARS exhibitions at the Smithsonian for example), but added a nice touch. Way more small children attended the show, so it really was a family event for the youglings and their parents. I doubt the kids really enjoyed the concert (especially considering the length of 2 hours) - but that is something every parents should think about BEFORE I buy the tickets ;-)
We had a great time - too bad John Williams itself wouldn´t conduct his own masterpieces. Would I recommend it - absolutely! Go see it!

UPDATE: Found a spot on review about a European SW in concert show on the web. Matt really nails it - excellent read!