Thursday, January 01, 2015

The 1st STAR WARS Magazine cover has been spottet!

...and it is a tie (well - not TIE Fighter ;-) 

This year begins with a blast as not one, but two magazines start the collecting year of STAR WARS themed covers.
One is from Germany and it is the No 1 2015 issue of GEEK magazine. I´m quite certain this will not be the last SW cover from GEEK this year (though the Vader picture is old and has nothing to do with Ep7)
Number two - and this is my favourite already - FORTUNE magazine featuring Bob Iger in front of the new Millennium Falcon! This is a really interesting read and great pictures! Thanks Bob for buying STAR WARS ;-) 

Title: GEEK No. 1 /2015     

Published/created by Panini Comics Germany
Cover Story
NOP: 3


Title: FORTUNE  1 January 2015
Published/created by FORTUNE
Cover Story
NOP: 4 (?)

Happy New STAR WARS Year 2015! will be a year long remembered - I promise ;-) I know ´The Force Awakens´ will be a blast! (You hear me J.J. ? - don´t screw it !)  Well, and if you then think about the whole spin-off plan from Disney...the STAR WARS movie future looks bright - so will hopefully the magazine side. Stay tuned!