Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anness Laser fetures Vlu Ray Release

My French is close to zero, but I know for sure that France has got a very vivid & cool magazine culture. So I always check my French sources concerning magazines from the land of bread & wine ;-)
Well, it seems that the mag Anneess Laser managed to keep below my radar for quiet some time now (years infact!) The September issue has a great cover of C-3po & R2D2. The magazine comes up with a nice STAR WARS alphabet and a unique cover!
Check out the other STAR WARS from the past 10 years as well - these guys really managed to come up with some unique covers
over the time - I´m impressed!

ANNEES LASER No 178 Sep 2011
Blu Ray coverage
NOP: 5You can find the complete magazine archieve of ANNEESS LASER here: