Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GAMEINFORMER unleashes STAR WAR nextgen game

Just like SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE (back in 1995) Lucasfilm is planning a new STAR WARS media event this year - read all cool new merchandising stuff (books, game, figures) without a movie ;-) I´m fine with that and STAR WARS: The force unleashed looks like a pretty cool concept - can´t wait! (source: own collection)

GAMEINFORMER Issue 167, March 2007
NOP:12 (!), USA

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Art of Ralph McQuarrie - THE book! has just posted a very interesting feature of a book covering the ONE AND ONLY RALPH McQUARRIE !
Finally the man behind all the those classic STAR WARS artworks gets a book covering and honoring all of his outstanding work! And best of all you can get a signed copy from the man himself! Gee, I´m a lucky guy! Remember Ralph was the one who painted the very first STAR WARS images (after discussions with George) as well as most of the production paintings for Episode IV, V and VI!
Limited to a total print run of 2000 copies, most of these will be a clothbound edition with dust jacket and printed slipcase that will retail for $125. A few ( 250 copies ) will include an additional illustrated page signed by McQuarrie, prequel concept designer Doug Chiang, and ILM's Ken Ralston, and will be fitted into a special cloth slipcase.
Finally there is a high end deluxe edition for $ 750 - well, I´m totally happy with the signed version - can´t wait until the release date in April!
To order visit the official website from Ralph McQuarrie itself... worth a visit!

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