Monday, July 05, 2010

TeeKay 421 SW Magazine from Belgium

I just found out (shame on me, because this mag is running for years (!)) that there is a pretty cool mag in my neighborhood country and I never ever have heard about it, nor ever seen it! Thanks to, my trusted source in everything printed magazines, I just found out about this good looking, colorful, professional STAR WARS magazine. Well, unfortunately I won´t be able to read a lot (it´s in Dutch) but I love the recent covers - these guys do have some cool artists on hand ;-) While you can enjoy some of the cover art here, I´m going to find out how to get some older copies (there is nothing on ebay!) - probably one of the reasons I never got aware of them (but this is gonna change ;-) )

Update: After some study of their website, I´m pretty sure that TeeKay 421 isn´t only the title of the mag, it´s also the name of THE BELGIUM STAR WARS FAN CLUB! Well, another best kept secret ;-) The site looks great and they have some stunning STAR WARS shirts as well - worth checking out!