Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awesome STAR WARS LEGO booklet - rare or mass market ?

Every year LEGO is kicking off its year at the NY TOY FAIR - probably THE most important toy and games tradeshow wordwide. And every year they have some very exclusive neat LEGO STAR WARS giveaways for their key partners / retailers. Last year (2010) they had the WHITE BOBA FETT LEGO minifigure (nicccccccee!) and a very cool booklet with LEGO Darth Vader on the cover. Though this combination went up on ebay for as much as 500 US$ (not kidding!), I was finally able to get one for less than 50 bucks.
The book is really very nice and I guess that is what LEGO thought as well - because they decided to REPUBLISH the book again - as a regular promotion item for the masses! Well, at least for the UK where you would be able to snatch one of those awesome Vader booklets with a purchase of
one regular LEGO STAR WARS set.
Though there is a catch: These books a not exactly the same! As you can clearly see, the left one has some bolts (the Toyfair one) on its left side and also features 2 more pages featuring the now famous (and most wanted) WHITE LEGO BOBA FETT.