Sunday, May 22, 2011


The official site reports that there is a new STAR WARS publication: THE STAR WARS MAGAZYN! This mag - published in Poland - is the first polish periodical SW mag I´m aware of - congratulations to all Polish speaking STAR WARS fans - this will be a great addition to the fandom for sure! My guess is, that the mag is basically a licensed version from the INSIDER, but as far as I know the native publishers can always add some of their own content.
After the UK (deceased - pardon now ONE issue synced with the US INSIDER (or vice versa as TITAN is a UK company), FRANCE (not sure if the LUCASFILM mag is still available), SPAIN (deceased) and GERMANY (still available and kicking) a new country publishing SW news is highly welcome!
Guys, I wish you all the best in this tough publishing market!

I´m currently trying to get some detais how to optain a copy, though I don´t speak a word polish...
Check out their web site: STAR WARS MAGAZYN