Saturday, December 22, 2012

Can you hate the creator ?

That is just one headline of many really interesting articles fom the GALAXIS magazine no.3 December 2012 with a fantastic Boba Fett cover.
This issue of Galaxis is... let me quote ´the magazine of science fiction and science. Complete episode guide to the original Battlestar Galactica, a visit to CERN, SpaceX takes off, classic short fiction, our epic Prometheus review, wuxia and Star Wars, SF authors Charles Yu and Lev Grossman, presidential SF politics, and much more´
It is certainly a good read and - did I mention it - it´s just 2.99 US$ cheap (Actually it dropped to FREE)!  You can read the digital copy right here via ISSUU - worth checking out. Of course - as a collector - I prefer the print copy which is also available! I can only recommend supporting the printed Galaxis mag with an order of a printed copy, as good Sci-Fi publications are fading fast in these digital times...but that´s just MHO.
Thank you John Zipperer for sharing your passion with us!

Title: GALAXIS No. 3
Published/created by Weimar World Service
Cover Story
NOP > 10