Thursday, December 01, 2011

LEGO HAN SOLO to celebrate Xmas in style...

at least that´s what this cover tells me! Well, I almost missed this really sweet cover from the LEGO CLUB magazine (almost ;-) ) - thanks to ebay I fetched a copy. I´m not sure, if this cover has been available in th US - so far it looks like a European special ( I got a German copy as well) - maybe someone can confim this. ?!
Good job LEGO - give us more cover stories! I´m not sure if you know this, but compared to the United States LEGO is really far behind sharing their love for LEGO toys here in Europe. As there is always everytime a story, poster etc. in the US issues, LEGO ist cutting back the coverage in half - though the SW sets are at least as popular in Europe as they are in the USA. Don´t ask me why they do it, but I have a lot of LEGO magazines and catalogs proving that the company really ´removes´and / or changes ´articles´ in favour for some other LEGO related coverage! Just to let you know and to honor this cover even more ;-)

UK and Germany
Race into Adventure - Pod Racing set
NOP: 1 + 2

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Celebrating the STAR WARS SAGA Blu Ray release in style, the SW INSIDER comes this month with 4 (four) different covers! LUKE, LEIA, VADER or BOBA - there is some-thing or everyone! Well done TITAN publishing. As the rest of the publishing world is pretty much ignoring the BLU RAY event, at least you can count at your own licenced mags ;-) - right Lucasfilm ? ;-)

But I don´t want to not cherish these beautiful editions - I´m glad Titan cares! Unfortunately I was wrong with my EW cover forecast as with a lot of other expectations...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anness Laser fetures Vlu Ray Release

My French is close to zero, but I know for sure that France has got a very vivid & cool magazine culture. So I always check my French sources concerning magazines from the land of bread & wine ;-)
Well, it seems that the mag Anneess Laser managed to keep below my radar for quiet some time now (years infact!) The September issue has a great cover of C-3po & R2D2. The magazine comes up with a nice STAR WARS alphabet and a unique cover!
Check out the other STAR WARS from the past 10 years as well - these guys really managed to come up with some unique covers
over the time - I´m impressed!

ANNEES LASER No 178 Sep 2011
Blu Ray coverage
NOP: 5You can find the complete magazine archieve of ANNEESS LASER here:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a storm is coming...

Well, it seems like a slow year for STAR WARS mags, but I´m pretty confident, that the second half of 2011 will turn out to be more SW magazine friendly. After all the release of STAR WARS on blu ray is imminent and so the entertainment magazines will run - hopefully - some nice feature stories about the Complete Saga Blu Ray Box.
My guess for the second half is that we will get at least one cover at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (you hear me guys ?!) and some more on DVD oriented mags.

Ok fans in USA, Japan, UK, Poland, Russia, China or wherever you live - don´t forget to report any sightings!!!!

Talking about the blu ray release - THIS sounds like a pretty neat project ;-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

GERMAN CINEMA runs SW special

Germany´s oldest (more than 30 years in print !) has a neat STAR WARS special in its July issue! The cover story itself is about the 2012 movie season, but they´re also looking forward to the release of the blu ray box!
The first part covers the making of A NEW HOPE on an 8 pages color spread! The biggest article this year by far! Some nice behind the scene pictures - a good read for sure! Can´t wait for the next part of this special...

CINEMA No 07/2011 - issue 398
Cover Story / partial cover
NOP: 8 pages

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The official site reports that there is a new STAR WARS publication: THE STAR WARS MAGAZYN! This mag - published in Poland - is the first polish periodical SW mag I´m aware of - congratulations to all Polish speaking STAR WARS fans - this will be a great addition to the fandom for sure! My guess is, that the mag is basically a licensed version from the INSIDER, but as far as I know the native publishers can always add some of their own content.
After the UK (deceased - pardon now ONE issue synced with the US INSIDER (or vice versa as TITAN is a UK company), FRANCE (not sure if the LUCASFILM mag is still available), SPAIN (deceased) and GERMANY (still available and kicking) a new country publishing SW news is highly welcome!
Guys, I wish you all the best in this tough publishing market!

I´m currently trying to get some detais how to optain a copy, though I don´t speak a word polish...
Check out their web site: STAR WARS MAGAZYN

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awesome STAR WARS LEGO booklet - rare or mass market ?

Every year LEGO is kicking off its year at the NY TOY FAIR - probably THE most important toy and games tradeshow wordwide. And every year they have some very exclusive neat LEGO STAR WARS giveaways for their key partners / retailers. Last year (2010) they had the WHITE BOBA FETT LEGO minifigure (nicccccccee!) and a very cool booklet with LEGO Darth Vader on the cover. Though this combination went up on ebay for as much as 500 US$ (not kidding!), I was finally able to get one for less than 50 bucks.
The book is really very nice and I guess that is what LEGO thought as well - because they decided to REPUBLISH the book again - as a regular promotion item for the masses! Well, at least for the UK where you would be able to snatch one of those awesome Vader booklets with a purchase of
one regular LEGO STAR WARS set.
Though there is a catch: These books a not exactly the same! As you can clearly see, the left one has some bolts (the Toyfair one) on its left side and also features 2 more pages featuring the now famous (and most wanted) WHITE LEGO BOBA FETT.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, after finally holding this book in my hands (again and again), I´m not able to recommend it even more - J.W. Rinzler´s THE MAKING OF TESB is a triumph!
Awesome behind the scenes pictures of all actors, sets and promotions - simply wonderful! Have I thanked you for this books already J.W. ? Probably a thousand times... never mind ;-)