Thursday, July 16, 2009

DroidMAKER - the lost SW book treasure

Well, I simply have to repost this awesome story! I just found out (via the and other sources) that there is an awesome book about George Lucas, his life and legacy and NOBODY knows about it! droidMAKER by Michael Rubin.
Well, almost... Until June 2009! The author just decided it´s more important for him that people actually really read and enjoy his work rather than making the profit of selling it through booksellers (B&N, Amazon etc. ). That´s when he made his complete book available for download via his blog.
Heck yeah - how can I decide to buy a book if I don´t even know that it exists? Why is that so? Just check out the FAQs on Michaels page and you´ll find out! Nobody really to blame here - mmmmh , but then again...

Anway, I just browsed through the downloaded pages and had a pretty good time - it´s really a very interesting book with a lot of insights/behind the scenes/personal stuff, not only for STAR WARS fans. CHECK IT OUT! Even better - check it out and I you somewhat like me - go and buy a REAL PRINTED copy! Thanks Michael for a very special inside look - awesome!