Thursday, December 01, 2011

LEGO HAN SOLO to celebrate Xmas in style...

at least that´s what this cover tells me! Well, I almost missed this really sweet cover from the LEGO CLUB magazine (almost ;-) ) - thanks to ebay I fetched a copy. I´m not sure, if this cover has been available in th US - so far it looks like a European special ( I got a German copy as well) - maybe someone can confim this. ?!
Good job LEGO - give us more cover stories! I´m not sure if you know this, but compared to the United States LEGO is really far behind sharing their love for LEGO toys here in Europe. As there is always everytime a story, poster etc. in the US issues, LEGO ist cutting back the coverage in half - though the SW sets are at least as popular in Europe as they are in the USA. Don´t ask me why they do it, but I have a lot of LEGO magazines and catalogs proving that the company really ´removes´and / or changes ´articles´ in favour for some other LEGO related coverage! Just to let you know and to honor this cover even more ;-)

UK and Germany
Race into Adventure - Pod Racing set
NOP: 1 + 2