Monday, December 14, 2009

STAR WARS in Concert Program

Even better suited for this site: THE STAR WARS IN CONCERT PROGRAM
I bought it when I attended the concert itself - of course as a souvenir and they charged 30 (thirty bucks!) US$! Come on - the program is nice, but this price is
ridiculous! Nevertheless it sold like hot-cakes! My advice: Buy it online! It´s just 19.90 US$ AND you don´t have to carry it around with you the whole time. Chances are it will never become ´rare´ but certainly it is already one of the more expensive magazine style collectibles (hey, I buy Japanese magazines from the 80ties for this kind of money ;-) )
To the program itself: It´s Huuuge! Very nice heavy photographic paper - all color! Pictures of all movies, the exhibition as well and of course from George and John. Nice collage work here. Empossed printing on the cover - sweet!

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Anonymous said...

We got our program yesterday and noticed it had an extra(duplicate) page so 4 duplicate pages. Are they all like that or would this be a rarity?