Monday, August 28, 2006

Rolling Stone - No. 1000

Recently Rolling Stone (the US Edition) celebrated it´s 1000 issue! Congratulations from SWM! So what has Rock´n Roll and STAR WARS in common? A lot! - and especially RS covering the STAR WARS saga. These guys had a STAR WARS cover for each and every movie released - starting in 1977 - makes a total of 6 covers so far. And now at their very special anniversary? They did it again. Okay not a SW cover - might be too far off the topic, but at least they celebration cover features our most favourite villian: DARTH VADER. You see - Rolling Stone means pop & rock culture!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, do you have the other RS covers as well? That would be sweet!

Anonymous said...

Looks Good..
Looks like you'e really spent some time making this site look good..
Well done!!
DJ Perth Drop by and visit us some time..