Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WALL STREET JOURNAL: A New Way to use the Force

The Wall Street Journal had a very interesting article about the not so distant future of the STAR WARS universe published yesterday (August 22nd) - you can read it online by visiting or and use their news link (I´m not quiet sure, if WSJ likes direct links to their work). Stephanie Kang gives us a very informative inside look, how the marketing guys from the Skywalker Ranch are going new ways without a movie - sounds pretty cool to me!
Don´t forget that this is NOT the first time Lucasfilm is doing this stuff. Remembering STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE? Same thing only that console gaming and the needed market acceptance wasn´t ready (we´re talking 1996 here). Anway if the game is good enough I´m in for another merchandising round! You can be very sure that Lucas Licensing has done their homework this time!

P.S.: Anyone out there, who is able to send me a copy of this particular WSJ?

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