Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ooops, here goes 2008 - welcome 2009! I´m not sure what to expect from 2009 STAR WARS magazine wise, but I´m sure we´ll see at least ´some´stuff ;-)
After all, even 2008 wasn´t too bad, though I´d really hoped for more coverage of THE CLONE WARS TV series (which is a pleasant surprise by the way) - let´s face it: WARNER BROS is doing a lousy job on the marketing front! Despite some good and friendly reviews the CLONE WARS isn´t really a hit series and is hardly expanding the viewer base. However considering the production budget which isn´t too high (the series is completely produced in Asia) the revenue out of comics, DVD sales and all other stuff will very likely give the series a longer run...good thing!

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