Thursday, January 01, 2015

The 1st STAR WARS Magazine cover has been spottet!

...and it is a tie (well - not TIE Fighter ;-) 

This year begins with a blast as not one, but two magazines start the collecting year of STAR WARS themed covers.
One is from Germany and it is the No 1 2015 issue of GEEK magazine. I´m quite certain this will not be the last SW cover from GEEK this year (though the Vader picture is old and has nothing to do with Ep7)
Number two - and this is my favourite already - FORTUNE magazine featuring Bob Iger in front of the new Millennium Falcon! This is a really interesting read and great pictures! Thanks Bob for buying STAR WARS ;-) 

Title: GEEK No. 1 /2015     

Published/created by Panini Comics Germany
Cover Story
NOP: 3


Title: FORTUNE  1 January 2015
Published/created by FORTUNE
Cover Story
NOP: 4 (?)

Happy New STAR WARS Year 2015! will be a year long remembered - I promise ;-) I know ´The Force Awakens´ will be a blast! (You hear me J.J. ? - don´t screw it !)  Well, and if you then think about the whole spin-off plan from Disney...the STAR WARS movie future looks bright - so will hopefully the magazine side. Stay tuned!

Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 ends...

with a partial cover at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY! 
You can´t ask for more - STAR WARS back again at EW! They already had so many great STAR WARS covers in the past - 
I´m sure this is just the beginning for 2015! My bet for the STAR WARS year: 5 covers fetauring our beloved saga! Wanna bet ?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The First Episode 7 Cover

comes from STARBURST magazine - and it´s a winner! As you hopefully know STARBURST magazine has been re-animated and is now back in full swing. Tricky to get outside the British/UK key market - always a good choice for news, gossip and behind the scenes stories!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

STAR WARS: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 
is the title of the J.J. Abrams-directed film, Disney announced Thursday. The studio also confirmed that it had wrapped principal photography, which had been widely reported over the weekend. Can´t wait until Dec 18th, 2015!

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Digital Realm

People who  know me, are well aware of my digital lifestyle and my interest in all things IT. Funny though, when it comes to magazines I´m all ANALOG! I do get all my news via the web - who doesn´t - but when is comes to collecting magazines I´m ALL OLD SCHOOL!
But - let´s face it - it won´t take long and the magazines as we love them, will have gone extinct :-(
Year after year we loose another magazine and the whole market is becoming smaller and smaller, which is a pretty sad development. I see the chances - of course - as well (cutting printing costs, distribution etc. etc. ) BUT still - I don´t like it...
Enough complaining - there is good within the digital publishing world as well and one of those things is ISSUU. I have just learned, that there is a digital only STAR WARS magazine called THE EMPIRE!
In their own words:

The EMPIRE monthly is the official web-magazine of the 501st Legion Russian Outpost. The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it is Lucasfilm's preferred Imperial costuming group.

It´s a fan magazine covering the activities of the 501s and it looks promising - you can check it out here:

And now that I have lured you to ISSUU, you should try to run the term STAR WARS through their digital library, or you just click here - there you go - lots of new and old mags and books (though I do have my concerns about the copyright situation for some publications. Anyway - enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Issue of Galaxis magazine - J.J. Abrams Cover

It´s been a while but here it is: Galaxis magazine no. 4 - SciFis best kept secret (it´s a shame that this jewel really gets so little media attention :-( ) John Zipperer has done it again - so this issue is a lot less STAR WARS oriented BUT it features JJ Abrams (directing STAR TREK) and a ton of more great articles.
You can read the digital copy right here via ISSUU - worth checking out. 

Again, thank you John Zipperer for sharing your passion with us!

Title: GALAXIS No. 4

Published/created by Weimar World Service
Cover Story

NOP: depends